The Last Night - Video Game

I'll be working as Audio Director for OddTales, creating music and sound design for their debut title ‘The Last Night’, a 2.5D, open world cinematic platformer in the vein of Flashback, Blade Runner and the Oddworld series.

I first met Tim (Soret, OddTales founder and lead artist/designer) whilst he was visiting Boston, at the same time he was starting to assemble the multi-national team for The Last Night (TLN). When he showed me the original game-jam version of the game, which was made in 6 days, I was immediately struck by the quality of the handcrafted pixel art of Tim and his brother Adrien. We spent the entire afternoon in my studio talking and listening to music, and we soon realized how much we both loved and missed games like Another World and the above titles, and how it might be time the genre was revived!

I can't imagine anything more fun than working with Tim and the team on TLN. We are both huge fans of the cyberpunk genre and we want to help create the next generation of 2D games. The audio will be binaural and implemented with FMOD, and will be highly interactive, to a quality rarely found in 2D games.

During pre-production and production I'll be posting a series of tutorials and posts about sound design and composition techniques on my blog and the game’s official DevBlog. In the meantime, follow me on twitter @JoeKataldo for the latest updates and take a look at the OddTales site for more info.

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