Disable CPU Core Parking on Windows 7

Core Parking is a "green" sleep state that dynamically disables CPU cores in an effort to conserve power when idle. Disabled cores are re-enabled as the CPU load increases once again. Windows is often over-aggressive in its core parking, resulting in excess latency as cores are un-parked to accommodate bursting loads (the most common type of CPU load). Disabling it can make a real difference in system performance. Let me show you how to manually do it. Also if you really care about the environment, you can always turn the heat down and put on a sweater.

To disable Core Parking we have to manually modify the windows registry, so make sure you back-up your system before proceeding.

  • Run Regedit click Edit - Find and paste the registry key below
  • 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583
  • Double click on value max select, decimal and and type 0
  • Click find next to repeat the process unil regedit tells you that there are no more keys

NOTE: disabling core parking creates more heat, be sure to monitor cpu core temperatures after disabling it.

Tags: DAW Tuning, Windows 7